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Year 2 News – 12th – 16th November 2018

This week in maths we have been adding two 2-digit numbers together using a variety of methods such as base ten and using numberlines. Everyday we are seeing some excellent work from the children as they master each step.
Next week the children will be completing an arithmetic assessment and reasoning assessment so we can check the children’s progress and if there are any any gaps from what we have covered so far this year.

In English we have been looking at traditional tales and in particular, the story of the Gingerbread Man. The children have completed some drama based on the story and also created some story maps. We have also been rehearsing our Christmas Production, Humph the Camel so we have been kept pretty busy! For those who have scripts can you please help your child to learn their lines. We will also be completing some reading assessments next week.

In topic we have been looking at sources of food and the concept of food chains. The children had to put a chain in order and sort animals into prey and predators.

Gingerbread houses will be sent home on Friday 16th November with instructions and pictures to help you construct your child’s house. We are planning to create a Rio de Janeiro Favela on one side of our display and the rainforest on the other side based upon our Wild topic work.
We would like to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers who came to help the class with their gingerbread houses, it was so lovely to see the children so well supported.

We are also currently sorting costumes for the children for the production and will send notes home if any additional items of clothing are needed.


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