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Year 2 News – 8th March 2019

In Literacy this week we have been continuing looking at poetry. Following on from our poetry walk last week, the children created their own poems using the collection of things they discovered with their senses around the school grounds. The children thought about effective adjectives they could use and how to use commas correctly. In phonics we have been looking at the suffixes -ing and -ed. The children learnt that -ing tends to tell you something is happening in the present tense and -ed in the past.
For World Book Day Year 2 read John Patrick Norman McHennessy, the boy who was always late by John Burningham and then were asked to think about their own elaborate reasons they could be late for school. There were some amazing responses!

For Maths this week we have looked at 2D and 3D shapes, the properties associated with them and the language used to describe their properties. The children were set a series of practical tasks. For example, in pairs they were given 18 sticks and asked how many triangles they could make. Many made 6 but some children realised that by joining the triangles they could make even more!

In topic we have been learning about what is technology and what is a computer. The children were amazed by how many everyday things have some kind of computer inside them!

It is our forest school next Thursday 14th March 2019 so please send your child in with appropriate clothing.

Also still many children are borrowing PE kit please ensure your child has kit in school on Monday and prepared to go outside.

By Easter we are hoping to recreate the Great Fire of London by burning our lovely Tudor houses that you all have created. If you do not wish for your child’s house to be part of this then please let us know. The fire brigade will be on hand to set fire and extinguish to keep us all safe.


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