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Thank you to Rhea's Dad for letting us have a cheeky visit on the fire engine.

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Reception’s Wild Wild WestWoodland FunReception Skeleton Dance
Reception’s Wild Wild West
Woodland Fun
Reception Skeleton Dance

Summer Term

The children have come back from holiday revitalised and ready to learn (they’ve been loud!!)  They’ve totally embraced our space topic.  We’ve done some great role play and from day one we were putting on gravity boots, visiting dwarf planets and making launch pads.  Then we thought about how we get night and day and the children came up with some  really great ideas about where the sun went at night.  We learnt that the Earth goes round the sun and then drew some great pictures to demonstrate this.  We also enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Big Blue Balloon’ and did some fantastic writing about where we would go if we found a magic blue balloon.  Also we had go at launching a rocket in the woods and it was a successful mission! (look on Tapestry).   Another interesting carpet session we did was when we discussed gravity.  The children had some great explanations and most of them realised that gravity was something they couldn’t see but it pulled them to the floor.  They used words like ‘transparent’ and ‘invisible’ to describe what gravity looked like.

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