St. John's Community Primary School & Nursery

Year 1 2014-15

Year 1 week beginning 22.6.2015

Dear all,

I hope that everyone is feeling better this week.

Here’s the round up for the week:

English – we are looking at poetry again and practicing using clear, interesting voices to recite the poem. The poem we are using is called ‘Ten things you find in a wizard’s pocket’ by Ian McMillin. We will be using this as inspiration to write our own poems at the end of the week. The digraph we are looking at for spellings this week is ‘oe’.

Maths – we are focusing on counting to 100 forwards and backwards and place value.

Topic – we are carrying on learning about Hoveton Hall and we shall be thinking of questions that we would like to find the answers to. We will be looking at the Regency period of England, which is when Hoveton Hall was built and finding similarities and differences between then and now.

PE – we will going outside for PE on a Thursday again now as the work with Mrs Mooney has finished. Mr Ward’s club on Wednesday has finished now which is earlier than anticipated but thank you for your support with this throughout the year.

Many thanks,

Nicky Austin

Year 1 Week beginning 15.6.15

Dear all,

As I will be carrying out the phonics test this week, Mrs Dazeley will be teaching the class every morning and all day Wednesday. All children will do the phonics test on a 1:1 basis with me but, as previously mentioned, it is low key and introduced almost as a game. If you have any questions, please come and ask.

Plans for this week are:

Maths – we are working on halves and quarters. We are also working on giving and following instructions for position and direction.

English – we are using the poem ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth to explore how we feel and think about poetry. We will be looking at the use of e / ee / ea within a poem called ‘Out of the dark’ in daylight by Aileen Fisher.

Topic – we are still using aerial photos to look at the local area. We will begin to focus on Hoveton Hall and we will be starting to learn about the history of it. I will be planning a visit to Hoveton Hall soon and I wondered if, in order to save on transport costs, it would be possible to meet there at 9am when I have arranged a date. I will arrange a minibus to bring us home. If this would cause you difficulties, please could you let me know asap.

In RE, we are making our own dreidel and learning how to play the game.

As the weather gets warmer, please could you send a hat in for your child to wear at playtimes. Also, the quad becomes a sun trap and I do not let children out there if they do not have a hat. We have a limited supply for the children to borrow in school but it is better if they could bring their own.

Many thanks,

Nicky Austin


Year 1 News 8th June 2015

Dear all,

We’ve got a busy week ahead of us – so bear with me as I try and go through it!  No doubt I’ll forget something – apologies in advance!

Monday – I am on a course all day so Mrs Dazeley will be teaching the class.  From 10 – 10.30, Premier Sport will be in school to work with the children after the introduction of the golden mile.  I know we haven’t done this for a while; that is because the children are on the field on an almost daily basis now so have the opportunity and the space to burn off more energy.  Please could you make sure that your child has outdoor PE clothing in school tomorrow if it isn’t already in school.  Thank you.

Thursday – weather permitting, is our sport afternoon.  The format will be the same as last year; the children will move between stations and collect points for each activity they do.  When this has finished, the KS1 children will watch the KS2 races and some will take part in the house relay.  You are of course, welcome to join us – we are planning to start at 1pm.   Children can be collected from the playground as usual at the end of the day.  We are intending to also do toddler races, Mums races and Dads races – so bring your running shoes (!) if you are intending to take part!  The SJSA will be providing a bbq and drinks as in previous years.

Friday – we are currently swapping Thursday and Friday afternoon work as I am working with a PE teacher who can only manage to come on Fridays.  The only effect this will have is that the children will need PE kits and hair tied back on Fridays (for this week and next), not Thursdays.  After that, we will return to normal.

Ok – so this week we are doing:

Maths – revisiting multiplication and division – making arrays

English – rewriting traditional tales, with the focus on saying what we want before we write it and reading our work aloud to make sure it makes sense.

Phonics – we are looking at alternative ways to pronounce ‘c’, ‘g’ and ‘u’

Topic – we are learning about deciduous and evergreen trees and walking around the school grounds to find examples of each.  The children will also begin to look at aerial photographs to find out about Hoveton in the past.  In RE, we are looking at the dreidel game and learning how to play it.

I think that is all.  A big thank you to everyone who supported our cake sale last week – especially Mr and Mrs Johnson who ran the stall.

Nicky Austin

Year 1 Week Beginning 11.5.2015

Dear all,

We will be covering the following areas this week in school:

Maths – we will be revisiting measuring height / length and measuring using capacity.

English – we are looking at traditional tales this week, specifically Cinderella.  We will be practicing using our voices for good effect when re-telling a story.

Phonics – Most will be carrying on with Phase 5B phonics this week, specifically split digraphs.

Topic – we are starting to look at plants; what each part of a plant is called and the names of common wild flowers.  In computing, we will continue to learn about algorithms and debugging.

Thank you so much to everyone for sending appropriate outdoor wear last Friday for our outdoor multiskills.  It did rain quite hard for a short time so it was a good job the children were dressed properly!

This week is the first week that Mrs Dazely will be teaching the class on a Wednesday.  I shall also be out of class tomorrow to carry out some essential SENDCo work but Mrs Dazely will be teaching tomorrow as well.  Miss Sutton, Mrs Graham and Mr Halliday shall be in the class according to their usual timetable.

Many thanks for reading at home – we have been giving out credits like crazy this week.  We would like to continue this next week to get the children into good habits.

I have started to put this letter on the Year 1 section of the school website.  I have also started to put up websites that we are using in class, as well as photos that we have taken.  Spellings for the week should be on there too.

Many thanks, Nicky Austin

Year 1 Readathon

Thank you so much for all the money you raised for us when we did our Readathon.  Year 1 had £109 to spend on books and we managed to buy 14 new books for our classroom.  We have already enjoyed looking at them, especially as we chose most of them ourselves.  Thanks again, Year 1 children and all the Year 1 staff.


Year 1 Week Beginning 27.4.15

Year 1 Week Beginning 20.4.15

Hi all,

Here is the outline of what we will be doing this week:

Maths – we will be practicing reading measurements, telling the time using o’clock and half past, sequencing events and using the words today, yesterday and tomorrow and recognising coins and notes, using them to give totals.  Long sentence- sorry!

English – we are looking at traditional rhymes – London’s Burning and Ring a ring of Roses.  We will be using these poems as a basis to think about rhyme and homophones again.

Topic – we will be making climbing frames from art straws on Wednesday.  From experience, the more hands there are to help with this activity, the easier it is – so if you are available from 1pm on Wednesday, please let me know and come and join us.

We are also looking at keeping safe on the computer while exploring Infant Encyclopedia again.  The children loved using this as a resource last week if you would like to ask them to show you.  Just google Infant Encyclopedia and you should find it easily.  I have a picture of Mr Worry and I will be teaching the children to show me / bring me this picture if they find something they are not sure of.  Please don’t worry – the children will not be searching the internet this week either supervised or unsupervised – it’s about giving them the skills for future years when their access to the internet is less structured.

RE -we are learning about Shabbat and why it is important to Jews.

Thank you so much for providing warm clothes and outdoor shoes last week.  If the weather continues, we will go outside every Tuesday – only thunder and lightning and / or pouring rain will stop us from now on, so please continue to send these items in on a Tuesday.

Many of you have asked about the golden mile.  As the children are mainly on the field now, we are not doing the golden mile any more this term.

Scooters – please can I remind you that children are allowed to bring scooters into school and especially on a Tuesday as they are allowed on the playground to ride them at lunchtime.  No child is allowed to ride their scooter on the playground at any other time than Tuesday lunchtime.  The children have been told this so they should know.  There was an accident on the playground last week when a child rode into another child, hurting them and we don’t want this to happen again.  Thanks for your support.

I think that is all, enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Nicky Austin

Explorers Topic

At the end of our topic on Explorers, we had our own night time ‘exploration’ around the school grounds.  Lots of us used our knowledge about North, South, East and West to find our way around the school in the dark, solving clues.  We even found Mrs Austin’s deliberate mistake (!) on the instructions!
We finished off our hard work with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the campfire.

Thanks to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Year 1 have created their own dance using ‘Underwater’ as their theme.  We thought about moving our bodies high and low and about using twists and turns.  We were very careful to have good starting and finishing positions and to use expression with our bodies and our faces.

We hope  you enjoy it.

Year 1 went to the Circus

On Wednesday 17th December, Year 1 went to watch the circus! We saw many acts including strong men, 3 motorbikes riding around in a small cage, a clown called Pip, a trapeze artist and dancers.  In the second half, the floor was lowered and it became a swimming pool – we were all amazed!  Unfortunately, it was too dark and smoky (dry ice!) to take photos of the acts but it is well worth going to watch.

After the show (and lunch!), we went behind the big ring to see all the objects that have been used in the circus from when it opened over 100 years ago.  We even saw the machine that generated electricity for the circus when it opened.

All the children were beautifully behaved and we hope that they enjoyed their magical experience.