St. John's Community Primary School & Nursery

Year 5 2015-16

Letter re: Y5 London Trip

Year 5 achieve Gingerbread Glory!

Year 5 were crowned Gingerbread Village class champions at this Years Winter Wonderland weekend event run by the School Association. There was tough competition from the rest of the school and the judges took a long time to decide, but in the end Year 5 were the worthy winners. We received lots of positive comments from people who came to look at the houses over the weekend. Well done also to Molly, Aiden, Gabriel and Oliver who won individual rosettes for the work they had put into their houses.

Year 5 make Gingerbread houses – baking with the SJSA

Year 5 have been busy at school recently, making Gingerbread pieces for a special school competition at the Winter Wonderland event organised by the School Association. The children worked with members of the SJSA to make their pieces during a fun morning session at school. In class, they came up with a theme for their village and designed what they will turn their pieces into. On Friday 4th December, the children bought their houses into school ready for Miss Buck, Miss Baker and Mrs Gittins to turn into the village of Lapland. Come and see how their houses have turned out at the Winter Wonderland event this weekend at school.

Year 5 Go Skating Around!

As part of our Winter Wonderland event this year, the School Association have hired a synthetic ice rink for the children, local groups and the public to use. Year 5 had a session on the ice and as you can see from the pictures they all had a great time. After the ice skating they chilled out with a nice hot chocolate and a snack. Come and support our SJSA with their Winter Wonderland event this weekend (5th and 6th December) and have a go on the ice yourself – maybe we could find the next Torvill and Dean??

Year 5 visit Norwich – Synagogue and Shopping!

On Tuesday 17th November Year 5 visited Norwich for the day. They visited the Jewish Synagogue at the top of Earlham Road to learn about what happens in a Synagogue and to see the Torah scrolls. This linked in with the work they have done this term in RE on Judaism.
Afterwards, they walked to the Chapelfield Mall in the city centre and had their lunch in the food court as it was too cold for a picnic outside.
Then in the afternoon they had a guided tour of Norwich with the guides from The Tourist Information Centre, who taught them about what Norwich Market, merchants and traders were like in the past. They got to visit the crypt inside the Guildhall and St Peter Mancroft Church. The children were fascinated by the punishments dealt out to people who stole food or did not pay their taxes. This linked in with their topic work this term on trade and shopping in Norwich.

Year 5 and their Autumnal Art

Year 5 have been looking at landscapes in Art this term and have created their own Autumnal Tree pictures using water colours, poster paint and cotton buds. They painted the background of their images in water colours to give the effect of an evening sky and then painted the tree in black poster paint to make it stand out in the foreground. They used cotton buds to “dot” the leaves on their trees and on the ground to give an autumnal effect to their pictures. I think they have worked really hard on these and they look very effective. Some of the finished pieces will be on display in the KS2 corridor, so come and check out their work.

Year 5 and the Super Shapes

In Maths recently the children have been looking at different 2D and 3D shapes, their properties, angles and how they are constructed. They looked at nets of various 3D shapes and used Polydron construction materials to make the nets visually and then construct the shapes themselves.

Year 5 Norwich Tour – November 2015 Letter

Y5 London Letter – Oct 2015

Year 5 and their Exploding Leaves

Year 5 went for a walk on a sunny Autumnal afternoon around the field looking for leaves. They found leaves of all different shapes, colours and sizes. When they got back to the classroom, they had to make their leaves “explode” by cutting them up into pieces and sticking them onto card in a way that they still resembled a leaf shape. The children also had some of their own ideas about how they could develop their “exploding” imagery further. I hope you like their ideas and designs, I think they are rather effective.