St. John's Community Primary School & Nursery

Year 4 2014-15

Year 4 Residential Trip to Horstead Centre Letter

Year 4 children sort out the school fete

Sharing Pop Up Books with Year 1

Year 4 designing and making pop up books for Year 1 children

Year 4 Day at the Seaside

Year 4 Day out at the seaside (Sheringham) to discover the links between the invention of the steam train and Victorian holidays.

Year 4 Health and Fitness Sessions

Year 4 took part in 5 sessions to improve their fitness and health by taking part in a series of exercises and tests. They also found out about how their bodies work and how to keep them healthy.

Cycle Safety Sessions for Year 4

KS2 Present Hoodwinked

The children in Years 3, 4 and 5 have been working hard this half term on their Spring production called Hoodwinked. The play tells the story of Robin Hood and his battle against the Sheriff of Nottingham while King Richard is away in the Crusades. The children have got the production ready in a short period of time, they have worked really hard on learning their lines, songs and acting routines.

Massive thanks to Mr Cunliffe and Miss Sewell for their help and support in getting the production ready and to all the parents who have helped with costumes, props and learning lines. I am very proud of all the children and the production, I hope you enjoy the show!

Miss Buck
(Head of Key Stage 2)

Year trip to the Horstead Centre Feb 2015

Year 4 Reading Café Pictures – January 2015