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Year 6 2015-16

Year 6 Mersea Island Residential

Year 6 Half Term Letter

A big well done to all of Year 6 for their concerted hard-work and effort over the last two terms. They have really done you and the school very proud. They should be immensely pleased with themselves!

Next half term we will be practicing and preparing the leavers performance of ‘Dream On’. This production is a more modernised retelling of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

The year 6 team are really looking forward to working with the children on this and, as with last year, we are looking forward to sending them off to high school with a bang!

Have a lovely half term holiday!

Year 6 – Mersea Island 2016

I have just arrived home after spending the first three days with Year 6 at Mersea Island.  They all arrived safely and have been very busy from waking to sleeping! The first night was very exciting with beautiful weather and much excitement and some little people still awake at 1.30am. It was an early start on Tuesday with the excitement waking them again from 4.30am and we enjoyed hot drinks in the canteen at 5.30am when it was apparent they were up for the day! Yesterday they enjoyed many different activities and have loved all of them. They have been courageous, trying new things and have supported each other well. The food was amazing and despite some of them being horrified at having curry for tea last night, it turns out they all liked it! I felt very sad leaving them today as it has been an absolute pleasure spending the time with them. They were all  in high spirits and looking forward to two more fun packed days.

Whilst I cannot guarantee they will come home with all of their own clothes ( I suspect during tent inspection clothes get pushed into the nearest case!) they will come home with a lifetime of memories and stories which will make you laugh. I can honestly say they were a credit to you, themselves and the school and I felt very privileged to have shared that time with them. I have left them in very safe hands ( Mrs Roberts has replaced me today and will stay with them until Friday along with Mrs Bucklee and Miss Barker) and I can promise you they are having a wonderful time. I will upload some pictures now but more will be added when the other adults return.

Mrs Quinn

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