St. John's Community Primary School & Nursery

Year 5 2014-15

Year 5 become Environmental Artists

As part of their Art work this half term, the children have been looking at Environmental Art and the work of artists including Andy Goldsworthy. We began our work by using adjectives and descriptive language to describe what we could see within the parameters of a photo frame. The children stood back to back in various places around the field and described what they could see through their frame. We then visited the wildlife garden and chose an image which we could see through our frame and described it to others.

We also visited the copse and made our own landscapes and pictures using natural items we found lying around – leaves, twigs, berries etc. We worked in pairs and Miss Buck was very impressed with the results and how we had used the materials to good effect.

Year 5 Play Counter Darts!

As part of our Maths work this week we have been focusing on strategies for addition and subtraction. Every Friday we try to have a practical and fun Maths lesson where we can consolidate and build upon our skills learnt in the week. This “Friday Fun” session was a game of Counter Darts. We had to throw 3 counters onto the dart board, add them together and then subtract them from our running total.We had to show our working out on our whiteboards. We all thoroughly enjoyed our session as it provoked a lot of mathematical discussion and developed our calculation skills.

Year 5 Ancient Greek Day

To celebrate the end of our Ancient Greece topic, the children in Year 5 dressed up as Ancient Greek citizens and took part in their own Ancient Greek day. Miss Buck arranged for them to taste some Greek foods and they made their own Feta salad. They also made their own Greek mosaics using the letters of the Greek alphabet as inspiration for their work. In the afternoon they went to the amphitheatre on the school field and performed some  short Ancient Greek inspired plays to the children in Year 3.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day as a Greek and it was lovely to see all the children dressed up and fully involved in the days events. Miss Buck would like to thank the children for taking part in the day and to the parents for helping their children with their costumes. Please take a look through the photos from the day to see what the children got up to.

Year 5 and their Egg Babies

In Science this term, Year 5 have been learning about how humans grow and change. Jake’s mum visited us in class and talked to us about the job of a midwife and how a foetus grows and develops in the womb before birth. For their home work that week, the children had to make their own egg baby and look after it for a few days. They also had to write a diary entry about their experience with their egg baby and then they brought it into school for Miss Buck and their friends to see.

The children worked really hard on this project and a number of them took their responsibilities very seriously indeed. Well done to Year 5 for a super home work project.

Year 5 Readathon Books

Here are the books that the children in Year 5 spent their Readathon money on. We raised £138 and the children had a good time choosing our new books which are now on the class bookshelf  and available to read. Thank you to the parents, families and friends who supported this event.

Year 5 and the General Election

Year 5 have taken a keen interest in the General Election this year and this week we did some activities relating to it in class. In Maths we looked at pie charts as a way of recording data and created our own simple pie charts using fictional results about the main political parties. We looked at how to read a pie chart in numbers, percentages and in fractions.

We also had our own mini election in class. The children were split into teams of four and they had to come up with 5 party policies, 2 had to be related to school and 3 had to be related to the wider world or our country. The children talked about some very serious issues from the state of school lunches, the NHS, animal conservation and gun control. After each party had given their broadcast we voted for our favourite. It was a close vote but the winning party was “The Not Nigel Party”.

On Friday 8th May, we followed the election results as they came in on the internet and discussed how the new government would be formed.

The Great St John’s Sewing Bee

This term as part of their DT work the children have been designing and making their own clothes for Barbie and Action Man dolls. They had to design their outfit, create a pattern for it out of paper and finally make their item using material of their own choice. The children had to sew their outfits and costumes themselves, though they did have help with cutting the material. They all worked really hard on their outfits and enjoyed the making process greatly. Some of their clothes did not quite fit their dolls in the end but they all made an outfit which will be displayed in the classroom. Well done Year 5, another superb effort!!

London and the Royal Mews

On Thursday 19th March Miss Buck and the Year 5 children visited central London for the day. We visited the Westminster area of the city. We had lunch in St James’s Park and then went to The Royal Mews for the afternoon which houses all the transport for the Royal Family. We had a tour round, saw the royal carriages, cars and horses and learnt lots about the Royal Family and how the Mews is run.

After our visit, we went on a walk and saw Buckingham Palace, The Mall, Horseguards Parade, Whitehall, Downing Street, the Cenotaph, The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

We had a fabulous day and all the children enjoyed their time in London greatly, their behaviour was excellent and they learnt lots.

KS2 Present Hoodwinked

The children in Years 3, 4 and 5 have been working hard this half term on their Spring production called Hoodwinked. The play tells the story of Robin Hood and his battle against the Sheriff of Nottingham while King Richard is away in the Crusades. The children have got the production ready in a short period of time, they have worked really hard on learning their lines, songs and acting routines.

Massive thanks to Mr Cunliffe and Miss Sewell for their help and support in getting the production ready and to all the parents who have helped with costumes, props and learning lines. I am very proud of all the children and the production, I hope you enjoy the show!

Miss Buck
(Head of Key Stage 2)

Year 5 Dig a Hole

As part of our school book week, Year 5 are reading Sam and Dave dig a hole by Mac Barnett. To inspire them with their written work this week, we spent a lovely sunny afternoon outside today digging holes to see what we could find. The children were also enocuraged to think about how easy or difficult it is to dig a hole, what they could find at the bottom of it, where it could lead and how they could use these ideas in their stories. The children came up with some great ideas and it was lovely to hear lots of exciting and imaginative language being used.